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Round 6

(1) Videnova,Iva (2301) - Voiska,Margarita (2316) [B09]
Panagyurishte BUL, 61st Women Ch r_6 Panagyurishte BUL (6.1), 25.04.2012

1.e2-e4 d7-d6 2.d2-d4 Ng8-f6 3.Nb1-c3 g7-g6 4.f2-f4 Bf8-g7 5.Ng1-f3 0-0 6.Bf1-d3 Nb8-a6 7.0-0 c7-c5 8.d4-d5 Bc8-g4 9.Bd3-c4 Na6-c7 10.h2-h3 Bg4xf3 11.Qd1xf3 a7-a6 12.a2-a4 b7-b6 13.Qf3-d3 Nf6-d7 14.Bc1-e3 Qd8-c8 15.Ra1-b1 Ra8-b8 16.Kg1-h2 Qc8-b7 17.b2-b4 Qb7-c8 18.b4-b5 a6xb5 19.Nc3xb5 Nc7xb5 20.Bc4xb5 Qc8-c7 21.Qd3-c4 Rf8-e8 22.Bb5-c6 e7-e6 23.Qc4-b5 Rb8-d8 24.d5xe6 f7xe6 25.Be3-d2 Re8-f8 26.Bc6xd7 Qc7xd7 27.Qb5xd7 Rd8xd7 28.Rb1xb6 Rf8-a8 29.a4-a5 c5-c4 30.Bd2-b4 Kg8-f7 31.Rf1-d1 d6-d5 32.c2-c3 Ra8-a7 33.a5-a6 d5-d4 34.c3xd4 Bg7xd4 35.Rb6-c6 e6-e5 36.Bb4-c5 Bd4xc5 37.Rd1xd7+ Ra7xd7 38.Rc6xc5 e5xf4 39.Rc5xc4 Kf7-e6 40.Rc4-a4 Rd7-a7 41.Ra4-a5 Ke6-d6 42.Kh2-g1 1-0

(2) Raeva,Elitsa (2292) - Yordanova,Svetla (2116) [A21]
Panagyurishte BUL, 61st Women Ch r_6 Panagyurishte BUL (6.2), 25.04.2012

1.c2-c4 e7-e5 2.Nb1-c3 f7-f5 3.g2-g3 Ng8-f6 4.Bf1-g2 g7-g6 5.d2-d4 e5-e4 6.f2-f3 e4xf3 7.Ng1xf3 Bf8-g7 8.0-0 0-0 9.Bc1-g5 c7-c6 10.e2-e4 f5xe4 11.Nc3xe4 d7-d5 12.c4xd5 c6xd5 13.Ne4xf6+ Bg7xf6 14.Bg5xf6 Rf8xf6 15.Nf3-e5 Nb8-c6 16.Rf1xf6 Qd8xf6 17.Bg2xd5+ Kg8-g7 18.Bd5xc6 b7xc6 19.Ra1-c1 Qf6-g5 20.Rc1-c3 Bc8-a6 21.Rc3-f3 c6-c5 22.h2-h4 Qg5-d8 23.Rf3-f7+ Kg7-g8 24.Rf7-d7 Qd8-a5 25.Ne5-g4 Ra8-f8 26.Qd1-b3+ c5-c4 27.Qb3-e3 Ba6-c8 28.Qe3-e6+ Kg8-h8 29.Rd7xh7+ Kh8xh7 30.Qe6-e7+ Kh7-g8 31.Ng4-h6+ Kg8-h8 32.Qe7xf8+ Kh8-h7 33.Qf8-g8+ 1-0

(3) Chilingirova,Pavlina (2109) - Genova,Lyubka (2259) [A45]
Panagyurishte BUL, 61st Women Ch r_6 Panagyurishte BUL (6.3), 25.04.2012

1.d2-d4 Ng8-f6 2.g2-g3 g7-g6 3.Bf1-g2 Bf8-g7 4.e2-e4 d7-d6 5.Ng1-e2 0-0 6.c2-c4 c7-c5 7.d4xc5 Qd8-a5+ 8.Nb1-c3 Qa5xc5 9.b2-b3 Nb8-c6 10.0-0 Qc5-h5 11.f2-f3 Bc8-h3 12.Bg2xh3 Qh5xh3 13.Bc1-e3 h7-h5 14.Qd1-d2 Nc6-e5 15.Ne2-f4 Qh3-c8 16.Ra1-d1 Rf8-e8 17.Nf4-d5 Nf6xd5 18.Nc3xd5 Qc8-c6 19.Kg1-g2 a7-a6 20.Nd5-b6 Ra8-d8 21.Qd2-d5 Ne5-d7 22.Nb6xd7 Rd8xd7 23.a2-a4 e7-e6 24.Qd5-d3 b7-b6 25.Rd1-c1 Qc6-b7 26.Rf1-d1 Re8-d8 27.Be3-g5 Rd8-c8 28.Qd3-e2 Rc8-b8 29.Rc1-c2 b6-b5 30.c4xb5 a6xb5 31.a4-a5 d6-d5 32.e4xd5 Rd7xd5 33.Bg5-e3 Rb8-d8 34.Rd1xd5 Rd8xd5 35.Rc2-d2 Rd5-f5 36.Be3-b6 Kg8-h7 37.Qe2-e4 Qb7-c8 38.Rd2-c2 Qc8-d7 39.a5-a6 Rf5-e5 40.Qe4-b4 Qd7-d1 41.Qb4-d2 Qd1-a1 42.Rc2-a2 Re5-d5 43.Qd2-c2 Qa1-e1 44.Bb6-f2 Qe1-c3 45.Qc2xc3 1-0

(4) Tsekova,Viktoria (1876) - Nikolova,Adriana (2293) [A04]
Panagyurishte BUL, 61st Women Ch r_6 Panagyurishte BUL (6.4), 25.04.2012

1.Ng1-f3 c7-c5 2.g2-g3 Nb8-c6 3.c2-c4 g7-g6 4.Bf1-g2 Bf8-g7 5.0-0 d7-d6 6.Nb1-c3 e7-e5 7.d2-d3 Ng8-e7 8.Bc1-d2 0-0 9.Ra1-b1 h7-h6 10.a2-a3 a7-a5 11.Nc3-b5 Bc8-e6 12.Nf3-e1 Kg8-h7 13.b2-b4 a5xb4 14.a3xb4 c5xb4 15.Ne1-c2 d6-d5 16.c4xd5 Be6xd5 17.Nc2xb4 Bd5xg2 18.Kg1xg2 f7-f5 19.Bd2-c3 f5-f4 20.Qd1-b3 Qd8-d7 21.Nb5-a3 f4-f3+ 22.e2xf3 Qd7-f5 23.Na3-c4 Qf5xf3+ 24.Kg2-g1 Nc6-d4 25.Bc3xd4 e5xd4 26.Nc4-d2 Qf3-h5 27.Nb4-c2 Ra8-c8 28.Nd2-e4 Ne7-d5 29.Nc2-a3 Nd5-c3 30.Ne4xc3 Rc8xc3 31.Qb3-b4 Rc3xd3 32.Na3-c4 Qh5-d5 33.Nc4-a5 Rd3-f3 34.Na5xb7 d4-d3 35.Qb4-d6 Qd5-a2 36.Qd6-c5 Rf3xf2 37.Rf1xf2 Qa2xb1+ 0-1

(5) Galunova,Tsveta (2046) - Ivanova,Simoneta (1963) [C24]
Panagyurishte BUL, 61st Women Ch r_6 Panagyurishte BUL (6.5), 25.04.2012

1.e2-e4 e7-e5 2.Bf1-c4 Ng8-f6 3.d2-d3 c7-c6 4.Ng1-f3 d7-d5 5.Bc4-b3 Bf8-d6 6.0-0 0-0 7.Nb1-d2 Nb8-d7 8.c2-c3 Rf8-e8 9.Rf1-e1 Nd7-f8 10.d3-d4 d5xe4 11.Nd2xe4 Nf6xe4 12.Re1xe4 Bc8-f5 13.Nf3xe5 Bd6xe5 14.Re4xe5 Re8xe5 15.d4xe5 Qd8-e7 16.Qd1-d6 Qe7xd6 17.e5xd6 Ra8-d8 18.Bc1-f4 Nf8-e6 19.Bf4-e5 Ne6-c5 20.Bb3-c4 b7-b5 21.Bc4-f1 Nc5-e4 22.Ra1-d1 f7-f6 23.Be5-f4 g7-g5 24.Bf4-e3 a7-a6 25.f2-f3 Ne4xd6 26.Be3-c5 Nd6-f7 27.Rd1xd8+ Nf7xd8 28.Bc5-e7 Nd8-e6 29.Be7xf6 Kg8-f7 30.Bf6-e5 Ne6-c5 31.g2-g4 Bf5-b1 32.b2-b4 Nc5-d7 33.Be5-d4 Bb1xa2 34.Bf1-d3 h7-h6 35.Kg1-f2 Nd7-f8 36.Kf2-g3 Nf8-e6 37.Bd4-e3 Ba2-d5 38.f3-f4 g5xf4+ 39.Be3xf4 Ne6xf4 40.Kg3xf4 Kf7-f6 41.h2-h4 Kf6-e7 42.Kf4-e5 Ke7-d7 43.Ke5-f6 c6-c5 44.Kf6-g6 Bd5-c4 45.Bd3-f5+ Kd7-d6 46.Kg6xh6 a6-a5 47.b4xa5 b5-b4 48.c3xb4 c5xb4 49.Kh6-g7 b4-b3 50.h4-h5 Bc4-e6 51.Bf5-b1 Be6xg4 52.h5-h6 Bg4-d1 53.h6-h7 1-0

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